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Traditional Photos

  You may be like me, with a generous appetite for eye-catching photos. Some of mine are conventional; like timeless Nova Scotia landscapes without any decay, rust or abandonment:


  Everything is burning, just at different rates. What we see as ageing is oxidization. Rusting is the same oxidization process as burning, but slower.

All metal comes from the earth’s ore, and back to Earth it returns.

In-between, metal is smelted and forged into every shape for endless uses. During metal’s cycle, tools made from it help make bigger tools and those are used to build everything from ships and cars to mining machines that get more metal. Spent steel, ready for either a slow journey back to the Earth or pounding into something new,  is usually described as ugly.  But, sometimes it’s beautiful.

In the Rustlove series, I try to capture metal’s decay at colorful stages. Many paint layers laid to extend useful life are gradually exposed and peel.

The rust photos do not have any color alterations. When requested, I print directly on metal sheets and so far the results are fantastic.

Abandonment Issues

 While this site has the rust focus, I enjoy revealing the beauty of other things in decay. Photos with that broader theme are at:

There's some duplication as rust photos showcased here are also there, but the galleries have over 100 additional images.

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